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Payday Loans EI in Canada in 2023

Payday Loans EI in Canada in 2023

If you’re currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, you may need some extra financial support. That’s where EI payday loans come in. This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide to EI payday loans.

From understanding the benefits to being aware of the potential risks, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these payday loans. We’ll also discuss alternative options for borrowing money for unemployed Canadians and how EI benefits may impact your loan eligibility. So please sit back, relax, and let’s dive in!

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Best EI Loans In Canada 2023

Looking for a fast and convenient solution to a financial emergency? We’ve done the research for you and selected the best online payday loans and installment loans. Like an installment loan or personal line of credit, you can negotiate for better offers depending on your financial status.

Our top picks include Cash Money, iCash, Spring, Speedycash, LoansCanada, and Lend Direct, each offering unique features to help you get the money you need. Check out our in-depth comparisons below to find the right EI loans for your needs.

Lender Loan Amount Interest Rate Term
Loans Canada $500 to $50,000 8% to 46.96% 6 to 60 months
Spring $500 to $35,000 9.99% to 46.99% 6 to 60 months
iCash $100 to $1,500 $15 per $100 7 to 62 days
Cash Money $100 to $1,500 Up to 46.93% 5 to 40 days
Lend Direct Up to $15,000 19.99% to 46.93% Open-ended
Speedy Cash $50 to $26,000 36% or less Varies depending on state

Online lenders that offer payday loans or installment loans can be a convenient way to access quick cash in emergency situations. Luckily, there are many platforms available for borrowers to choose from. And each of these lending platforms, listed in the table above, has its strengths and weaknesses. 

For example, Cash Money is known for its same-day funding option and iCash’s flexible repayment terms. Spring’s transparent fee structure and SpeedyCash’s extensive cash loan options.

LoansCanada’s network of lenders and Lend Direct’s quick and easy application process. It’s important to consider the fees, interest rates, and repayment terms before making your instant decision. You should also consider payment and repayment methods.

For example, if your bank accepts EI Loan repayments, or if you can withdraw with Interac e-transfer.

What Is Employment Insurance (EI)?

Employment Insurance is a federal government program in Canada. It provides temporary financial assistance to eligible workers who lose their jobs through no fault. The program thrives on payroll taxes collected from workers and employers. 

Eligible individuals can receive benefits for a specified period. This lasts 14 to 45 weeks while searching for new employment. The benefits received depend on a percentage of the individual’s average earnings. The purpose of EI is to support workers who have lost their jobs. It can also help them transition back into the workforce.

How Much Will I Receive From Unemployment Benefits?

Employment Insurance (EI) provides temporary financial help to jobless eligible workers. These are people who lose their job through no fault of theirs. The benefits received depend on a percentage of the individual’s average insurable earnings. It can go up to a maximum amount set by the federal government.

From January to March 2023, the highest weekly benefit rate is $595.

Like a car title loan, the amount an individual will receive through EI depends on their circumstances. Likewise, the number of insurable earnings they had in the past year. Typically, individuals are eligible to receive 55% of their average weekly insurable earnings.

The general knowledge is that individuals must have accumulated EI income. Or accumulated certain insurable hours to be eligible for EI benefits. The minimum number of insurable hours required to receive EI benefits varies. It can depend on the unemployment rate in the individual’s region.

Does Unemployment Affect The Ability To Get A Loan?

Unemployment can affect a person’s ability to get a cash advance. Traditional lenders like HELOCs and car title loans generally consider an individual’s employment income when deciding whether to approve a request or not.

Unemployed people may need help demonstrating a steady source of income, making it harder for them to secure cash advances.

However, there are some options available to unemployed individuals seeking extra cash. Some lenders may consider alternative sources of income when deciding whether to approve. This can be government benefits or support from family members. Additionally, some lenders offer extra funds specifically designed for unemployed individuals.

Having a good credit score can help offset the impact of unemployment on a person’s ability to get a loan. A strong history can prove to lenders that a person has a history of managing their finances responsibly. This may then increase their chances of getting approved.

Does Unemployment Affect The Ability To Get A Loan

Benefits of EI Payday Loans in Canada

These payday loans are a financial product available to eligible individuals in Canada who are receiving EI benefits. These payday loans offer several benefits, including:

  • Quick access to funds: These types of payday loans are designed to provide fast access to funds. They allow individuals to address immediate financial needs.
  • No credit check: The offers typically do not require a credit check. They do so by making them an option for individuals with less-than-perfect financial history.
  • Easy application process:  The application process for these payday loans or installment loans is often straightforward. It allows individuals to get the funds they need faster.
  • No collateral required: These are unsecured payday loans. So, they do not need any collateral to be put up as security.
  • Flexible repayment options: If you seek flexible terms, payday loan lenders often offer this. They allow individuals to choose a payment schedule that works for them.
  • Short-term Payment:  Employment insurance payday loans are designed as short-term loans. They allow individuals to address immediate financial needs without committing to long-term debt.
  • No impact on credit score:  Repaying such payday loan on time will not impact an individual’s credit score.
  • No proof of previous income required: To accept EI payday loans, you don’t require proof of income. That’s because the offer relies on the individual’s EI benefits.

Benefits of EI Payday Loans in Canada

Requirements To Get EI Payday Loan

Employment insurance payday loans are a financial product available to eligible individuals in Canada who accept EI benefits. To apply and get a payday loan or even a personal line of credit, you must meet the following requirements:


In most provinces in Canada, the legal age to enter into a loan agreement is 18 years old. Individuals must be of legal age to be eligible.

Receiving EI benefits

The most important requirement is that the individual must receive EI benefits. The EI loans are for individuals with unemployment benefits who need quick funds.


To be eligible here, individuals must be a resident of Canada. This requirement is in place to ensure that the cash is being provided to a resident of Canada. It’s also available for people in British Columbia. Also used to ensure that EI loans are subject to Canadian laws.

Bank account

EI Payments or regular payday loans deposits go into the individual’s active chequing account. So, they must have an active and valid checking account to receive the payment. It’s still crucial if you often use Interac e-transfer or don’t use a bank that accepts EI.

Government-issued identification

Individuals must provide government-issued identification. These include a driver’s license or passport to confirm their identity and residency.

Proof of EI benefits

To confirm that the individual can accept EI benefits, they must provide proof of their EI benefits. This can be a recent statement or notice of assessment from Service Canada.

Contact information

The lender will need current contact information to communicate with the EI recipients about their credit. Examples include their address and phone number.

The exact requirements for a payday loan may vary between lenders. Additionally, some lenders may want more information or documentation. Proof of residency or bank statements should suffice during the loan application process.

So, it’s good for EI recipients to review the terms and conditions. This is to ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements for a payday loan. By meeting the eligibility requirements for an Employment insurance payday loan, individuals can get convenient financial help. The amount can address their immediate financial needs while receiving EI benefits.

How To Apply For EI Payday Loan

Applying for such a payday loan can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. It is crucial to ensure the application process is correct. That’s because it will increase the chances of securing the credit and getting the funds needed promptly.

That’s why, below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to get a payday loan so that you can feel confident and informed throughout the process.

Review Your Finances

Traditional lenders will consider various factors for the applicant’s creditworthiness. This applies to an Employment Insurance (EI) payday loan as well. These include the applicant’s income, debt-to-income ratio, credit history, and overall financial health.

By understanding what lenders are looking for, you can better prepare yourself for the loan application process. You’ll increase your chances of loan approval.

It’s important to review your finances before applying so you know which lenders you have a chance with. This allows you to be proactive and make any necessary adjustments to your finances. One major adjustment is to pay off your outstanding debts and increase your chances of loan approval.

By reviewing your finances and understanding what lenders are looking for, you’ll be able to feel confident when applying. This will increase your chances of loan approval and help you secure the funds you need promptly.

Compare Lenders

Comparing lenders is essential in the Employment Insurance program (EI) payday loan application process. It allows you to find the payday lender that best meets your needs. You’ll find offers with the most favourable terms and conditions.

Here are some factors to consider when comparing lenders:

  • Interest rates: Consider the best interest rates available with each lender. Compare them to determine which direct lender offers the most competitive rate.
  • Loan agreement: Look at the terms provided by each lender. Including the repayment period, payment frequency, late fees and total cost associated with it.
  • Loan amounts: Consider the largest amount each lender is willing to provide. Then, choose a direct lender with an amount that meets your needs.
  • Reputation: Research the reputation of each lender. These include their history, customer reviews, and any complaints against them. This will help you determine which lender is trustworthy and reliable.
  • Application process: Look at the application process for each lender. Pay attention to the required documentation, processing time, and ease of application. Choose a lender with a straightforward application process.
  • Customer service: Consider each lender’s level of customer service. Select a lender that provides prompt, helpful, and friendly service.

By comparing lenders, EI recipients can find the lender that best meets their needs and offers the most favourable terms and conditions. This will help you secure the funds you need. It will also increase your chances of a loan anytime without any income.

Check Requirements

Knowing the basic requirements ahead of time will help ensure that you have all the necessary documentation and information to apply. Here are some key requirements to consider:

  • Age: Some lenders require applicants to be 18 years old or older.
  • Income: Lenders will look at your income to determine if you can repay. You will need proof of income to back your request. You can use your tax returns, pay stubs, or bank statements for this.
  • Residency: Lenders will often require proof of residency, such as a driver’s license or utility bill, to confirm that you live in Canada or British Columbia.
  • Bank account: Most lenders require applicants to have a valid bank checking account. This is where a typical EI installment loan proceeds will be deposited. They will then take subsequent repayments from EI payments.
  • Credit history: Some lenders will consider your history when evaluating your online application. It’s a good idea to check your credit report and make any necessary adjustments to improve your poor credit score before applying.
  • Employment: Lenders may require proof of work, such as a recent pay stub or letter from your employer, to confirm that you have a steady source of income.

Gather Documents

Gathering the necessary documents is an important step in the Employment Insurance (EI) payday loan approval process. Having the required documents will streamline the online application process. It will also increase the chances of loan approval. Here are some key documents to gather:

  • Proof of income: Lenders will want proof of your income, such as pay stubs, tax returns, or bank statements.
  • Identification: To confirm your identity, you must provide a government-issued ID. It can be a driver’s or business licence or passport.
  • Bank account information: Most lenders will require you to provide information about your bank. Consider details like account and routing numbers. 
  • Proof of residency: Lenders may request your proof of residency. These are your utility bills or bank statements. They use these to verify your current address.
  • Employment confirmation: You may need to provide proof of employment or an employment insurance program. This includes a recent pay stub or letter from your employer to confirm your source of income.
  • Credit Check: Some payday lenders may require a copy of your credit report or may run a credit check as part of the evaluation process.

Get EI Payday Loan

Getting your funds is the final step in the EI loan review process. After your application has been approved, the lender will deposit the funds directly into your bank account. It can be through an e-transfer or any other means provided. Depending on the lender, this process may take a few hours or business days.

It is important to know the EI loan repayment terms and make timely payments to avoid a negative impact on your credit score. You might have to repay installment loans over a period of time.

Meanwhile, some lenders may automatically deduct payments from your bank account on a specified due date.  Others may require you to make manual payments.

How to Compare EI Loan Options

There’s no go-to financial service for borrowers. That’s because each person has unique preferences and meets different criteria. Hence, it’s critical to figure out which of the credit providers suits your financial situation and trajectory. Below are essential features you should consider before taking the big step:

Interest Rates

Interest rates play a big role in determining the cost of the loan over time. You should try comparing interest rates from different lenders for the best deal. Be sure to look for options with the lowest interest rates and fees, as these will save you the most money in the long run.

Loan Terms

Loan terms refer to the length of time you have to repay the loan, as well as any other conditions or restrictions. Make sure to compare loan terms from different lenders to find the one that works best for your situation. Look for installment loans with flexible repayment schedules and reasonable deadlines.

Loan Amounts

Loan amounts vary between lenders, so it’s important to compare the amount of money you can borrow from each lender. Make sure to find a lender that can provide you with the amount of money you need, without putting you in an excessive amount of debt.

Repayment Options

Repayment options refer to the methods by which you can repay the debt. They include options such as automatic payments, direct deposit, or in-person payments. Compare the repayment options offered by different lenders to find the one suitable for you.

Customer Service

Finally, consider the quality of customer service offered by each lender. Look for lenders with a proven track record of providing excellent customer service. Typical services include responsive customer support and quick payday loans processing times.


Employment insurance payday loans can provide convenient financial assistance to individuals receiving EI benefits. However, we advise you to scrutinize the terms and conditions carefully. You might want to check if it’s a one-time repayment or installment loan. The interest rates and total cost are also important features to check before applying.

While some potential risks are associated with these payday loans, they can still be good for anyone seeking financial aid. If you are on EI and considering a payday loan, it’s critical to evaluate your financial situation. Always try to understand your options before making an instant decision. 


Are there any risks of getting an EI payday loan?

Yes, there are some risks associated with getting such payday loan. One of the most significant risks is high-interest rates and fees, which can make it challenging to repay the EI loan on time and result in a cycle of debt. Additionally, if individuals miss a payment, their credit score may be negatively impacted by the next payday.

How do you borrow money when unemployed?

Unemployed people can consider installment loans and government assistance programs. There are other loans from family or friends too. They can also consider alternative good or poor credit, such as secured or pawnshop loans, which require limited income.

Is employment insurance considered as income by lenders?

Yes, employment insurance benefits are considered income by payday lenders. When applying, EI installment loan lenders will consider various financial information. Some of these include the individual’s current income and employment insurance benefits to determine their ability to repay.

Can I get a payday loan on EI in Canada quickly?

Yes, it is possible to get a payday EI loan in Canada quickly. These EI loans are designed to provide quick access to funds for individuals receiving their next EI payment, and the application process is typically straightforward. You can complete it online in a matter of minutes. Your payment can also be swift with an e-transfer rather than manual deposits.

Can I get a loan if I’m on EI and have bad credit?

Yes, getting an EI loan with bad credit is possible, although finding a payday lender willing to provide EI loans may be more challenging. Some lenders may still consider individuals with bad credit for a payday loan, but the interest rates and total cost may be higher for the next payday.