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While our life is unpredictable, emergencies may happen all of a sudden. It is essential to find a trusted helping hand to support yourself and your family during hard times.

Today we are going to review the Loan Express lending company.


LoanExpressThis online platform has been launched almost 10 years ago serving the Canadian citizens who feel the need to get quick pay day loans.


Are you experiencing temporary issues? Do you think your emergency can’t wait until the next paycheck? Of course, there are situations in life that simply can’t give you even a few more days to wait. So the decision needs to be made immediately and without delay.

Basic Information about

Our experts have done the research and analyzed the way LoanExpress service works. The interface of the website is user-friendly. It’s quite easy to find the necessary information if you don’t want to get in contact with their managers straight away. There are the “How it works”, “Payday Loan Rates”, “Questions”, and “Contact us” sections on the website.

The customers are encouraged to enter the Loan Express login if they want to make the process faster applying for lending services. The basic details necessary for request include your first and last name. Also, there is a Loan Express phone number for consumers who may have further concerns or additional questions.

How It Works

The first thing the website asks you to do is to select your location in Canada. This is quite useful as it demonstrates laws and regulations for a certain area. Thus, potential consumers know their rights and requirements before they submit the request.

The company has been working since 2006 and has given short term loans to thousands of Canadian citizens. It claims to have plenty of positive feedback on Trustpilot.

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Although, there is no feedback or any Loan Express reviews from real borrowers available on the website itself. The main page tells us about multiple options and various solutions tailored to the individual needs of the clients.

Loan Express operating hours are stated to be 24/7 which makes it possible to apply at any time. Moreover, there is a friendly customer support team available over the phone where consumers may get answers to all their concerns. Loans like Loan Express offers are payday lending solutions as they are given for the period of up to three weeks which is basically until the next paycheck. Thus, this is a short-term option that can’t be used to cover big-ticket expenditures for the longer term.

How Much You Can Borrow

The “Questions” section of the website has answers to various widespread questions. The page states that each consumer may acquire between $100 and $1500 for up to 62 days. Although, the minimum loan in Alberta is $200.

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Loans Express service mentions that the first-time borrower won’t be able to get the maximum amount in cash. It is necessary to build trusted relationships with the company first. You may qualify for a smaller amount that will slowly increase as you keep on turning to the service.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Payday Loan Express Service

Like every alternative service, express payday loans from this company have their good and bad points.

The benefits are:

  • Easy and quick short-term monetary solution.
  • Express loan for any purpose in Canada.
  • The ability to borrow from $100 to $1500 instantly.
  • The application may be submitted online or via phone.

Drawbacks are:

  • First-time borrowers can’t qualify for the maximum amount.
  • Certain provinces of Canada such as Alberta, Ontario, and BC have specific regulations that may differ from the common ones.
  • There are no stated rates and fees on the website although it says the express loans in Canada don’t cost a lot.

In conclusion, this online-based company has been around for some years. It claims it has helped thousands of consumers across the country. Make sure you discussed the terms and conditions with the manager before signing any papers as you take full responsibility for the loan and its repayments. We can hardly guarantee there are no hidden fees. The exact interest rate for these loans is not provided on the site.


Express loans are quite popular now and are used to resolve various temporary financial disruptions.


North’n’LoansUpdated April 27, 2022