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Cash Max is an institution that focuses on loan lending. The institution offers payday loans, installment loans, cheque cashing, and income tax services.

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A payday loan is a short-term type of loan paid in the next paycheque. It is mostly known for its high interests. An installment loan is a loan type that is paid in set scheduled payments over a certain period.

Cheque cashing is a process where consumers can convert their checks without the need for a bank. These services allow users to cash their cheques at a small fee.

Does Cash Max Use Collateral?

Since Cash Max offers a wide range of loans including same day payday loans and installment loans, some of these loans will require to be secured with collateral. For instance, auto loans which are part of the installment loans will require the backing of collateral.

Payday loans don’t need the presence of collateral during application. This information is well explained on their site. It’s always a good idea to look at them before applying.

How Can I Apply for the Cash Max Loans?

Cash Max loans can both be applied at a physical store or online using your smartphone, tablet, or pc. To get the online application, visit the Cash Max main site at If you are a new customer click the ‘Apply Now’ button where you’ll be prompted to enter your email address, your first and last name.

Applications can also be done physically in a Cash Max store. You can always browse about ‘Cash Max near me’ to get directions about the nearby Cash Max stores locations.c

After cliking the button, you’ll be directed to another page where you’ll be required to fill in your personal information, your employment information, bank information, reference information, and account setup. After completion click on the ‘Next’ option and wait for other directories.

Cash Max Stores

Cash Max stores are primarily located in the Ontario region. That means you can’t get a Cash Max store outside this region. You can always browse on ‘Cash Max near me’ or ‘Cash Max Ontario’ to get directions about the nearby Cash Max store locations.

Some of the common stores include Cash Max Windsor, Cash Max Chatham, Cash Max Ottawa, Cash Max Lakeshore, Cash Max Austin, Cash Max Hamilton, Cash Max Toronto, and many more.

Is Cash Max Legitimate?

Yes, it is. Cash Max is accredited by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law and California Finance Lenders Law.

Also, the Cash Max main official site is encrypted hence it’s safe to enter your personal and bank information. This can be seen through the ‘S’ in the HTTPS URL.

What to Be Cautious About

Cash Max is one of the businesses in the United States targeted by scammer groups. These groups use the online application method to con their victims. They mostly use emails and telephone calls to threaten their victims to send whatever they want.

If it’s hard for you to differentiate between legitimate Cash Max business and other scams, the Cash Max has outlined some of the common signs to spot.

These signs include:

  • The scam groups can email or call you inquiring that you have been pre-approved for a loan and therefore need to wire some cash to get a ‘good faith deposit’. Cash Max has warned its users that it doesn’t offer any ‘good faith deposit’.
  • The scam groups use threatening and intimidating language while talking to the borrowers. One thing to note is that the Cash Max is regulated by the payday loans Ontario rules and regulations. One of these rules is that the lenders should not use intimidating language while communicating with the borrowers.

If you experience any of the above situations, it’s important to contact the Federal Trade Commission or contact the Cash Max support service at 1-707-474-9501.

Can You Get a Loan Renewal at Cash Max?

The Ontario law states that payday loan rollover is not allowed. That is, you can’t get a new payday loan until you complete the payment of the first one. Hence, the Cash Max which is located in Ontario province cannot grant you a new loan unless you finish paying the initial one.

You can also try other lenders, or at least read more of them to make a decision, for example Cash 4 You Lender Review.

What Will Happen If I Default on the Cash Max Payday Loan?

The regulations to be followed against borrowers who default are still under the Ontario rules. If the deadline is due and withdrawals are not possible, the lender might try to contact you. However, the lender cannot use intimidating or threatening language while communicating with the borrowers.

If you still won’t pay the loan, the lender can send you to a collection agency to deal with you. This automatically lowers your credit score.

The lender can also sue the borrower in a civil court. You won’t be jailed but if a judgment is passed against you, you’ll be forced to pay the loan plus other additional charges.

Benefits of Applying for a Loan at Cash Max

  • Their application process is simplified and fast.
  • The business is licensed and uses a secure site hence safe to enter our personal information.
  • You can either apply for the loan online at whatever time and place you are in or visit any of the physical stores in Ontario.
  • The company is governed by the Ontario rules for payday lenders hence customer exploitation is restricted.
  • The loan approval time is short. That is, you can get the loan in under 30 minutes after an online application.
  • No credit checks are done.
  • No collateral is needed during the application.
  • The lender offers a wide variety of services including payday loans, installment loans, cheque cashing, and income tax services.

Shortcomings in the Cash Max Payday Lenders

  • The stores are only located around the Ontario region hence people outside this region may find it difficult to access the stores.
  • The Cash Max is targeted by scamming groups hence its users may become victims of these groups.
  • Payday loans have a high rate making them expensive.
  • The loans can lower your credit score in case of late or default payments.

The Cash Max operation is great. But be aware of the scams. Also, read on other customer reviews to get more insights.

North’n’LoansUpdated November 23, 2022