How Zero Based Budgeting Works [FAQ and Short Guide]

zero-based budgeting
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Are you willing to manage your finances better? Would you like to reach financial freedom? Here is what can help you out. The zero-based budgeting approach is a very popular notion these days. It is widespread in the financial world and many money experts believe it can work magic. Why? It is useful because this monetary method allows managing your personal finances and become more financially fit in the long run. Here is what you should keep in mind.

What Does Zero-Based Budgeting Mean?

This widespread approach has become very popular among money experts and common people for a reason. Such a notion means you make every penny count and work for you. This way you have full control over your personal finances and can better manage them. This is probably one of the first and really significant steps towards reaching monetary freedom and living a debt-free life or even save enough money to retire early. Another benefit is that you don’t need to turn to professional specialists or download modern apps (though they might be beneficial as well).

What is zero-based budgeting? It is the strategy of allocating the monthly income so that every penny has a certain job. In other words, you create several spending categories and find a usage for all the money you earn so that there is nothing left. It is often also called the “envelope” method. This strategy makes a person craft a monthly budget and sticks to it. Whatever sum you earn per month, the expenditures within all spending categories should equal this amount.

zero based budgetingWhat Is Zero Based Budgeting Example?

Many people want to see a real example of how this system works. Everything is quite simple. This strategy allows you to be more mindful of your spending and become more financially fit in the long run. Let’s say you make $2,500 per month. Then you should allocate this sum so that your income – all expenses = zero. Here is an example of zero based budgeting process and the way you may want to categorize your costs:

  • $800 goes to housing or rent;
  • $150 goes to utilities;
  • $200 goes to groceries;
  • $400 goes to savings;
  • $250 goes to the car costs;
  • $350 goes to the retirement savings;
  • $100 goes to entertainment and shopping;
  • $250 goes to debt payments.

The total sum in this zero based budgeting template is your monthly income that should be calculated together with any side gigs or child support money. Add up everything that comes to your bank account on a monthly basis – this is the amount you need to allocate to these spending categories until nothing is left.

zero based budgetingWhat Is the Advantage of Zero Based Budgeting Forms?

What can be beneficial in this method? Why so much money gurus recommend it to their clients? The answers are simple. There are several benefits of zero-based budgeting vs traditional budgeting.

  • You become more mindful of your spending by knowing where each dollar of your income goes and how exactly you use it. Even if you are under budget you may move the left sum to a particular spending category such as use the last $100 for savings or debt repayment.
  • You manage finances better. Even having payday loans, you can make the puzzle and see the clear picture of your current money life so that it’s easy to see which spending category needs more or less cash. You can change the amount you allocate for savings or entertainment every month depending on your total income.

Apart from such helpful advantages of zero based budgeting, there might be some drawbacks as well.

zero based budgetingWho Uses Zero Based Budgeting Steps?

This useful method can be used by absolutely every person, both in Canada or worldwide. Apart from zero based budgeting disadvantages, there are so many benefits of applying this strategy in your life. It works both for people with regular and irregular income. Even if you work part-time or receive child support, you can also count it as your monthly income.

zero based budgetingDisadvantages of Zero Based Budgeting

Here are some of the drawbacks of this method.

  • It may be challenging for people without a steady income. In case you have a few jobs or your income is irregular, it may be difficult for you to calculate the spending each month and follow this method.
  • It can be stressful and consume a lot of time, especially in the beginning when you don’t get zero right away. It may take a few months until you learn how to craft this budget so that your expenditures and your total income equal.

zero based budgetingDoes Zero Based Budgeting Work?

The short answer is “yes”! This system works for those who are willing to keep track of their expenditures, live on a budget, get rid of debt, and finally strive for monetary freedom. This is a great method to think about every dollar and know where it goes. This way, you will have fewer emergencies and unforeseen expenditures when you don’t have enough cash to fund them.

How to Use This Strategy

In order to utilize this method for maximum, you should stick to the following rules and steps:

  1. Know Your Monthly Income. You may want to write it down so that you know the exact sum. Count everything even if you have side gigs or get child support.
  2. Know Your Monthly Costs. Now write down all the spending categories you have throughout the month. This should include rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, car costs, entertainment, savings, debt payments, etc.
  3. Add Up Seasonal Costs. You may write down here the expenditures for the upcoming Christmas, birthdays of your relatives as well as planned holiday expenditures.
  4. Follow the Zero Based Budgeting Meaning. Now it’s the time to subtract the costs from your monthly income so that you are left with zero. Don’t worry if you won’t have it straight away. It takes a little practice and within a few months, you will be able to perform this easy Maths and keep track of every penny.

To sum up, you should have a closer look at this budgeting strategy and try it for yourself. It will not only help to repay any of the existing debt but also turn your financial goals into reality and become financially fit!

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