Most Effective Money Saving Tips

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We are constantly out of money. Many of us are used to borrow money and get into debt. We constantly torment ourselves with the same question: “How to save money in Canada?”

The very word “economy” does not mean at all that you will live poorly, that you will deny yourself everything just to collect the necessary sum for a more necessary thing.

Saving money means learning how to distribute your budget in such a way that even a small sum is enough for everything you need and some money is left for a summer vacation.

So here are the best ways to save money:

 1 Take advantage of sales, especially for furniture and electric appliances. If you do not have the necessary sum, you can use Canadian payday loans. You will get money before the shop closes and buy it cheaper, than tomorrow.

2 Use the Rate Supermarket tool to check if the bank proposed you the lowest mortgage rate.

3 To avoid fees from a bank, keep a minimum balance of $ 1 500 in a TD chequing account.

4 Pay in stores only with cash. Plastic cards only prevent saving: we can not perceive them as money.

5 Take your daily expense and multiply it by 365 days a year, and then for another 10 years (it can be coffee or cigarettes). You will understand the value of your daily habits.

6 Never buy food when you are hungry! A hungry person buys twice more food than needed.

7 Reject from your mortgage life insurance that your bank advised you and find a cheaper option.

8 Another way how to save money fast is to ditch your landline. You can spare up to $ 40 on it.

9 Eliminate bad habits. Smoking, alcohol, fast food are not cheap. Why should you spend money on something, that ruins your health? Try to abandon all these bad habits and both your wallet and your health will be grateful.

10 Use discount cards. For example, you have a discount for furniture and your girlfriend for household appliances. So change for a while! It also applies to other stores.

11 One of the ways to save money is to distribute your expenses. Try to put your money into envelopes: “for housing”, “for credit”, “for food”, “for the internet” and so on. Consequently, your expenses will always be planned.

12 Go shopping only with a list of necessary items. It will protect you against spontaneous shopping. However, it is important to have a strong will and stick to the plan.

13 You can save a lot by buying medicine in online pharmacies. There are also some tools looking for the best price for the needed medicine.

14 Reduce your costs for gas by redeeming Air Miles to get Shell gift cards.

15 Tank up at the station near the hypermarket. It is cheaper and the fuel does not differ in quality from the one offered at other stations. So why should you overpay?

16 One more way how to save money is to turn off the light before leaving. If you spend a minute to check all the lights before a long trip, you will save some cash.

17 Sort all the stuff in your house. Do you really need everything? Sell unnecessary things. You will get some money and your home will be clean.

18 Convince your employer to pay your bill for cell phone and spare $ 60- $90 per month.

19 Monitor your goals. For this, you need to write down them alongside the amount of money, necessary for its implementation and the approximate time to reach it.

20 Use e-post to manage bills online. It will help you pay bills without delay.

21 Reduce your costs for gas by redeeming Air Miles to get Shell gift cards.

22 Decide on where to invest the spared funds to multiply them. If you know where to invest your savings – the successful saving of money will only increase at times! You need to put a goal to spare.

23 Take lunch for work. If you cook in advance at home and take with you, in a month you can save up to half of the food budget.

24 Buy in bulk the most important for your diet food, for example, sugar, potatoes, juices, etc. Such goods are stored for a long time.

25 Choose a good and reliable bank and invest your funds, with the possibility to remove them at any time. After all, it will help you not only save your savings, but also earn a little on the accumulated percentage of the amount.

26 Plan your trips ahead. If you book a trip in advance, buy tickets, your vacation can be much cheaper.

27 Stop buying branded expensive clothes. There are many similar things, but much cheaper than “branded”. In addition, fashion comes and goes, but clothes stay and nobody wears them.

28 Buying milk turns into a purchase of chocolate and crisps? At home, you realize you haven’t bought milk? Then plan the menu and go shopping once a week.

29 After receiving the money, go straight Do not go on the way to the supermarket. In large stores and supermarkets, there are thousands of tricks to make you spend money.

30 Always use your cashback credit card.

Take advantage of these tips and save your budget! By the way, do you know how much is Canada in debt?  If no, read the illustration of Canada debt we’ve made for you!

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