How to Write Loan Agreement: Terms and Templates

write loan agreement
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According to the Bank of Canada, 11 percent of Canadian borrowers have more than 350 percent a loan-income ratio especially in BC and ON regions. One of the reasons is a loan agreement handling failure.

For the legal confirmation of loan terms and conditions, acceptance by both deal parties and the fact of its issuing lenders use a loan agreement. The document can be enclosed between individuals, companies, and financial institutions.

Loan Agreement Definitions and Specifics

As any legal-binding document, it’s composed using a certain format and language and can be signed after providing stipulated identification data. A loan agreement form can vary from a promissory note to a multipage scrupulous written contract. Let’s go over specific definitions used in and for this paper.

Loan Agreement

Agreement Parties

Borrower. An individual or a company that obtains some valuable item in the form of an agreed money amount or property kind that should be returned or substituted by agreed as an equal denomination with a stipulated interest.

Lender. An individual or a company that provides a mentioned-above valuable item on certain terms and underdetermined conditions that should be fulfilled within a defined period and in the stipulated procedure.

If the document is drafted between a company and its shareholder then parties should use a specific loan agreement template Canada since a provided amount is considered as an income and will be taxed according to Income Tax Act.

Nowadays loan services can be not only provided in financial institutions but also online that significantly shortens procedure time. Now anyone can run a business as Lender on Instagram or other social networks simplifying the whole process almost to the basics.

Loan Agreement Types

Installment loans. The principal amount is divided into usually peer parts that should be provided by Borrower regularly. Commonly payouts composed of a loan part and interest included or paid only should come weekly, monthly or annually.

Lump-sum. The loan is reimbursed once in the total amount and on the stipulated date.

Demand. The lent sum or item should be returned only when the Lender claims it.

Each kind has a loan agreement sample that can vary depending on deal parties, location, and lending items. A loan agreement template BC and a loan agreement template Ontario have regional specifics that should be taken into account to avoid legal difficulties.

Loan Agreement Types


Commonly, borrowing is governed by the law of Lender’s residence that as usual matches Borrower’s. But if the deal concerns purchasing of the estate then the document will be under the jurisdiction of the location where it’s placed.

If you apply for long or short term loans online ensure that you are aware of what legal system will regulate the lending processes. If it’s not stated clearly or at all you should reach customer support before signing anything, Besides such an info-gap can indicate the low reliability of the service provider.

Deal Items

Principal amount. An initial sum or property in the specific state that Lender provides to Borrower who owes it to the opposite party from the moment of signing. After the returning process has started the definition is referred to the borrowed amount that hasn’t been reimbursed yet.

Interest. An amount is equal to the stipulated percentage of the principal entirety Borrower should payout as an extra charge for such services providing. The interest rate is usually annual and it’s calculated by a formula that considers lending denomination, period and other terms.

Compounded. A reference to a specification of the frequency of interest calculation and addition to the loan principal amount that compound the final deal balance. The higher the frequency is the bigger total interest amount will be.

Collateral. An item that serves as an additional motivator for Borrower to return a loan on certain terms otherwise it will be taken by Lender as compensation. Usually obligatory for customers with low credit scores.

Fee. A charge that can be nominated to Borrower if the term or any other agreement conditions aren’t followed by the one. It can include early loan reimbursement.

Items can vary in worth depending on a loan purpose. Any purpose finds a reflection in the agreement that’s why such deals as mortgages have a specific sample loan agreement. The most common reasons for applying for such services are education financing for students, real estate or car acquisition or business expenses.

The last loan use makes the chart thanks to the growing numbers of freelance developers and marketers. Even if you’re a proficient programmer or a pro practically familiar with advanced affiliate marketing strategies you still require the basic budget to launch your online business.

Lending Term

Repayment time. A period specified in the agreement after which all lent money or possessions should be returned in the stipulated amount or state and all additional charges should be paid off.

Repayment regularity. A defined period that passes between two days when a determined and commonly equal amount of the total loan and the interest rate amount should be paid off by Borrower.

Repayment date. A day when all shareholders or personal loan agreement requirements should be fulfilled.

How to Write a Loan Agreement

To ensure that the Borrowed money or property will be returned Lender should draft a regulating document even if it appears as a simple loan agreement. Otherwise, one wouldn’t have a legal path to reimburse expenses if the Borrower didn’t fulfill deal conditions.

The procedure is also necessary for the Borrower to secure one from the unstipulated demands. Actually, it’s always better to have a hard copy of the agreement even if you apply for loans online.

A paper is prepared on the Lender side. To draft a document you can use an appropriate version of a personal loan agreement template. The following aspects should be taken into account to provide a contract suitable for the situation.

  • Interest charges can be stipulated by Lenders optionally.
  • Collaterals are also optional and not necessarily should correspond with the loan amount.
  • For signing loan agreement Ontario or other-located parties shouldn’t obligatorily bring witnesses.
  • All boxes should be filled out to avoid different contract reading by each deal side.

Write a Loan Agreement

How to Fill Out a Loan Agreement

The document you should enter the personal information in you can receive in paper or digital form. Online lenders usually use online forms or an editable loan agreement pdf. Check out an appropriate sample to avoid mistakes during its completion.

For instance, review the generally filled out the first page of a 5-page loan agreement between corporate bodies.

5-page loan agreement

Each contract should be thoroughly read and only then signed at its last page with printing your full name near the signature to provide additional proof that the document was verified personally.

To ensure that the agreement you drafted is valid it’s better to take an advisory from a notary public or your attorney.

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