Best Personal Finance Books

books on finance
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If you are searching for a list of the best personal finance books in Canada, you are in the right place! Nowadays there are tons of them available. But it’s not easy to find a book that explains money issues in our language.

To help you choose the best personal finance books Canada, we created the list of top 5 ones you should add to your list today!

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How to Get a Small Business Loan in Canada

loans for small business in Canada
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Due to the traditional and conservative policy of Canadian banks, it is almost impossible to get a loan there. Starting a small business is venturesome, so the bank will give a loan unless you have a solid business plan or some emergency fund to fall back on.

However, there are other ways to get a loan in Canada these days. Aspiring businessmen are participating in finance programs or entering resource centers. Read along and find out how to get a small business loan in your area. Choose the most profitable option here.

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Most Effective Money Saving Tips

save money
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We are constantly out of money. Many of us are used to borrow money and get into debts. We constantly torment ourselves with the same question: “How to save money in Canada?”

The very word “economy” does not mean at all that you will live poorly, that you will deny yourself everything just to collect the necessary sum for a more necessary thing.

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Financial Tips For Newlyweds

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Every young couple wants to maintain material prosperity and harmony in relations. For this, they should pay attention to financial issues. Of course, money is not the main thing in life, but it provides comfort and makes families happier.

When you build a strong family, romantic relationships are replaced by harsh everyday life. You should solve many problems daily. Many young men and women are not ready for such a turn of events. It can lead to very acute and serious conflicts that can destroy the marriage.

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How Canadians Became World Leaders In Debt

debt of canadians
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There is no day when some financial analysts, economists or public officials express their concern about the number of debts, carried by Canadian households. You want to get the answer to the question “How much is Canada in debt”? NorthnLoans guarantees: you would be shocked if you reveal the financial situation of your friends and neighbors.

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