5 Easy Money Challenges to Make Your Dreams Happen

money challenges
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There’s always no free money especially for fun activities like traveling, right? But you’ll be surprised how easy it is to change the situation.

Leaving without savings is too risky in our unstable times. Cash advance Canada is a tempting option that is easily available online, but it requires a reasonable approach. Besides, not every one of us can cut the expenses or put a significant part of the salary in a bank. And such money management isn’t attractive to some people since it makes them feel limited and their earning efforts senseless.

But there are ways around these tedious saving solutions. It’s always easy to make yourself do something when someone dares you, isn’t it? Why don’t you be that person and try one of the so-called money challenges to boost your savings?

The Money Challenge Basics

The concept is easy: pick a period, an amount of money you can extract from the flow without a headache, and a plan to follow. Simple, fun, and a reward at the end in a form of your goal as well as a better understanding of your financial situation. Additionally, you shouldn’t do this alone. You can join the community of people who are just as you try to refresh their attitude towards the matter and get even better results with their support.

There are so many alternatives to explore. Review the following top-5 chart and bring your dreams closer day by day.

Save $1,000 Per Year

Such an amount might seem unfeasible when you take it into account in general. But when you consider that a year is actually 52 weeks, you’ll realize that it’s only $20 a week! Usually your daily spending exceeds that number.

Start with $10 a week during the first month to get used to the new approach and then raise the bar to $20 till the rest of the year. You put away around $3 a day and get $1,000 at the end. Isn’t that awesome? Vary the amount to save more or less, but keep the pattern and the frequency of your contributions to get the desired result.

These money saving tips will definitely help you a bit.

Save $500 Per Month

A year seems too long and difficult for a newbie? Then start with a 30-days challenge to increase your interest to the new lifestyle and get the same amount that you can acquire after six months if you follow the previous plan.

The scheme is simple: put away an amount that equals a day number. The first day – $1, the second – $2, the 30th – $30. Easy to remember, no problem to accomplish. If you stick to it for half a year, you’ll get $3,000 for new opportunities!

No Spending – Only Saving

It seems impossible not to spend money for the entire month. But it’s actually not only doable. Such an approach can significantly plus your savings if you take the whole idea seriously. Of course, in the modern conditions, it’s hard to engage yourself in such an undertaking without preparation.

Stock the necessities and predict the possibilities: what you will absolutely need; where you will have to drive, etc. Be creative to avoid expenses: use gift cards, free samples, sell things on eBay, offer help for rides, alter your meals and walking distances. Such an approach will also make your reconsider your daily routine and spend less even during challenge-free periods.

Say No to Extra and Yes to a Dream

If the previous plan seems too hardcore for you opt for this one like an introduction to it. Change your lifestyle gradually by cutting down expenses on a certain activity during a particular month. Not as pressuring, right?

On some occasions, you won’t be losing anything – only taking advantage of the current time of the year. Enjoy seasonable fruits and veggies, avoid crowds on resorts, quit bad habits. Take a hard look at your usual purchases: reject something trivial to afford something extraordinary.

Save More Together

Social networks and blogs are much more than posts with pretty pictures. They are great tools to learn something new and collaborate to attain your aim. You can get familiar with the experience of others, receive support in the time of need and walk the same way more smoothly.

Not to get lost in the beginning of your path as a saver you can get guidelines by proven experts and take a course. Such personalities like Desirae Odjick, Jackie Beck, Amanda Abella or Esther Goh will offer you free original challenges with e-mail reminders that include instructions, tips and the most important – motivation.

Benjamin Franklin said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. If you think that your savings will magically someday appear in your Christmas stocking, your dream will be as likely as an opportunity to meet Santa.

Don’t rely on the miracle – rely on yourself. Don’t postpone and take a money challenge to boost your savings and your future.

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